Golden Gate Trailer Park Rules

Effective: August 1, 2009

Provisions of the Park Rules shall not be in conflict with the Mobile Home Residency Law or Codes of California.


The rules of the Golden Gate Trailer Park are designed to conform to the requirements of the STATE and CITY laws and regulations and to also provide a clean safe place for RV Tenants to live.

Rule I. Scope

MOBILE HOMES and RV’S ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLY WITH ALL STATE LAWS AND CODES as outlined by California Code of Regulations title 25, MH Residency law, and Recreational Vehicle Law.

Rule II. Safety

  1. All RV’s must be self-contained, currently licensed and registered. RV’s are expected to have proof of inspection by American National Standard Institute (ANSI).
  2. The speed limit is 5 MPH inside the Trailer Park.
  3. All RV’s must back into spaces.
  4. Only one RV per space. RV may not exceed occupancy design limit.
  5. No amperage adapters may be used; only one power cord and no extension cords to our electrical receptacle. The RV's wheels and hitches must remain intact and transportable so as not to impede the immediate transport of the unit in case of emergency. Recreational vehicles must remain readily mobile. Nothing may be attached to a recreational vehicle or placed in a manner that would prevent or hinder the immediate removal of the recreational vehicle. Long Term RV Tenants who have items that cannot be adequately stored must have those items removed from the Trailer Park and stored off site.
  6. State code mandates no extensions cords can be plugged into the Park electrical receptacle; one power cord (not to exceed 35 feet in length) from the RV to our receptacle is all that is allowed. State code further mandates that no electrical cord adapters may be used at any time. If you have a 50 amp power cord, you must plug into a 50 amp receptacle; 30 amp cords to a 30 amp receptacle. The power cord cannot be rated lower than the load for the unit. No outdoor appliances are allowed.
  7. MINORS (defined as an individual less than 18 years of age) must be supervised at all times by parent or guardian who is liable for all damages to the property of other guests or property of the park.
  8. SKATEBOARDING is prohibited in the Park. Bicycles may be ridden on roadways only. Bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks or walkways.
  9. PETS must be properly vaccinated for rabies and be spayed or neutered. Proof of vaccination may be required.
  10. PROPANE: All propane tanks must be stored inside the RV as provided by the manufacturer; a maximum of three (3) propane tanks are allowed per space; they must be stored at back of space; no storage of any propane tanks under the RV including the area under a 5th wheel hitch; all propane tanks must be properly secured. No propane tank may be placed in the path of any RV.

Rule III. Rent

  1. CHECK OUT time is noon
  2. All payments for rental of space are due in advance; renewal of space is due at noon on day owed and must be paid when due. Late payment of rents may result in termination of occupancy. Please come to the office if you wish to extend your stay beyond your reservation as your space may not be available! Weekly and monthly rents are non-refundable for early departure.
  3. Monthly tenants: You will be billed for the actual electric you use by the Trailer Park. A utility deposit of $100.00 is required for the electric.
  4. The tenant pays all other utilities to the subscribing Utility Company.
  5. The rental rates are for the person owning the recreational vehicle and one guest. RV Space/lot rental cannot be transferred to anyone else and there is no subletting. RV’s cannot be sold on the space. Guest must register prior to staying in the Park
  6. The Space and its premises shall be used only for private residential purposes. No business or commercial activity of any nature will be conducted thereon.
  7. There is a $25.00 late fee for monthly RV rental payments that are more than 5 days past due. This rule is enforced at all times.
  8. All rental payments must be either by credit card or cash. No personal checks are accepted without prior Management approval.
  9. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks for any reason

Rule IV. Space Maintenance

  1. Tenants are required to clean and maintain their space/lot and dwelling in a clean, attractive, well-kept manner.
  2. AUTOMOBILES must be parked in the designated parking areas. No more than (2) two vehicles per rental unit, and only as space permits. All cars must be parked inside the white lines on the roadway, and inside lot line markers. Any vehicle parked in a vacant site will be charged for the space at the daily overnight rate. If parked in a posted "no parking" area, without prior permission of the Park, car will be towed away at owner's expense, in accordance with Section 22658 of the California Vehicle Code. Vehicle repair and maintenance is prohibited in the Park at all times. Exception: Emergency repairs, i.e., flat tire or dead battery. Motorcycles, motor scooters, mini bikes and other two or three wheel-motorized vehicles are not allowed in the Trailer Park without written permission from the Management of the Trailer Park. Tenants, if approved, are required to sign a written agreement outlining the operation of the Motorcycle, etc.
  3. Long Term RV tenants may have 1 (one) storage shed or cabinet to store furniture, trashcans, tools, etc., if they receive written permission from the Management of the Trailer Park. Permanent small storage sheds will require a small written plan with a sketch and a $100.00 deposit prior to receiving approval from the Trailer Park Management. If you move and the shed is removed from the property, the deposit is fully refundable, but with no interest.
  4. NO CAR WASHING: No car or trailer washing is allowed in the park.
  5. MAINTENANCE OF SPACE: No tents, boats, boat trailers, or two wheel trailers. No alteration of the space is allowed; no fencing of any kind, decking, landscaping, etc. (without written permission from Management). Cleanliness of the Park is important to us. Nothing is to be stored under or outside the RV except outdoor equipment, such as patio-type furniture, grills, coolers (no appliances of any kind outside). All refuse is to be placed in our trash dumpsters located in the fenced area across from the office. No trash is to be stored on the space. No combustibles are to be stored under the RV or on the space at any time.
  6. PETS are welcome; however, their owners must supervise them at all times. Dogs or other domestic animals, and cats (domestic and feral) shall not roam at large (free) in the park. Owners are responsible for removing feces immediately. Dogs should not dig or destroy any property. The Park reserves the right to deny the keeping of any pet if the Park deems the pet to be a problem, such as the need to call the police, Humane Society or management issuing legal notices.

Rule V. Guests

  1. GUESTS are the responsibility of the registered occupant. Please make certain your guests are aware of the Park rules and abide by them. Due to limited parking facilities, guests must park outside the park. Common facilities of the park (restroom/showers) may be used by guests.

Rule VI. Miscellaneous

  1. LAUNDRY ROOM: Tenants using the laundry room must follow the rules posted in the laundry room. The Laundry room is open during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tenants using the laundry room must clean the washers and dryers after each use. The rules posted in the laundry room may be subject to change after giving a 30-day notice. Monthly RV tenants may obtain a key to the Laundry room to wash after hours. This requires a $5.00 deposit and you are responsible for making sure the Laundry Room is locked at all times when leaving.
  2. AWNINGS: No awnings may be opened unless there is 3 feet of separation from the end of the opened awning to the adjacent RV, shed, or outbuildings or any other type of combustible material.
  3. WOOD BURNING is prohibited at all times.
  4. CLOTHESLINES: No clotheslines of any kind at any time.
  5. COMPLAINTS: All complaints must be submitted in writing regarding rule violations or other issues which need to be addressed by management.
  6. LAWS: All public laws and ordinances shall be obeyed within the Park.
  7. QUIET HOURS: 9 PM to 8 AM. Please, be considerate of others with TV, radio, and stereo.
  8. RESPONSIBILITY: Registered guests who use the Park facilities do so at their own risk. Registered occupants are responsible for any damages caused by them, their pets or their guests to the park’s property during their stay including damages, repairs, and clean up.


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